Race Meeting Cancellation

Off Road Series Round 2 – Sunday 13th May

It’s going to be 3rd time UNLUCKY for MERCC, I’m afraid! One of our Committee Members checked the situation out yesterday and, as you will see from the pictures he took, things are REALLY bad! He observed that “wherever there was a dip there was water” and where there was no visible water, the ground was “squelchy”.

Even if no more rain had fallen between yesterday and Sunday the field and track would not be dry enough, let alone trying to get the grass cut! The inevitable has happened (i.e. more heavy rain) since the photos were taken, so conditions are now absolutely awful! This means that, yet again, it will be necessary to cancel the next Meeting scheduled for next Sunday 13th May.

What has happened so far this season is unprecedented in MERCC’s history. I am still optimistic that the weather will sort itself out and allow Braxted’s micro-climate to return to normal; the sooner the better for everyone! In the meantime, let’s keep our fingers crossed that all will be well for the next scheduled Braxted Off-Road Series Meeting on Sunday 27th May. Getting the grass cut will be no easy task as it is now 4 weeks since we were able to get onto it to mow it!

On behalf of MERCC, apologies once again. I know you will all be itching to race at Braxted, so I will e-mail the Weather God right now and tell him that enough is enough and to get his act together!

This message will also be posted on Facebook and, once again, I would ask you please to let others know who are not on e-mail, or do not have internet access, about the cancellation.
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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