Chairmans Update – May 2013

May has been a great month for MERCC! Increasing numbers of ‘new faces’, multiple classes of cars being raced, luck with the weather for the duration of the Meetings, and a friendly atmosphere for which the club is renowned. It has also been very encouraging to see Juniors of varying ages enjoying themselves and beating some of the Seniors! Willing volunteers prepared to set out the track have produced some good track designs and very favourable comments have been received from ‘first-timers at Braxted’. Many drivers have travelled a considerable distance to race with us, so the word is getting around that the emphasis is on fun and enjoyment whilst not forgetting the competitive aspect. We even had a visit from a George Land ‘look-alike’ – or was it really George?! Of course it was – thanks for popping over, George. Nice to see you again!

A few “Thank You’s” are in order to Alan and Kristian Gibbs, MERCC Committee Members, and Club Members who have all helped out in various ways at each Meeting. Also, thanks to some of the non-members who have also given assistance.
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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