Off Road Series Round 3 Results

Off Road Series Round 3 Results

That was the final score, after a great day’s racing! The forecast had been extremely gloomy and even me, as the Club Optimist, wasn’t very hopeful. Visions of the disastrous end to last season came flooding back (excuse the pun!) and all we could do was pray that someone had got it wrong which, in the event, they had done – at least, as far as Braxted was concerned! What small amounts of rain we had during the day (or was it somebody with a sprinkler turned on at times?) really was negligible and barely affected the racing. Yes, we had to hold fire for a few minutes at times until the sprinkler was turned off but this didn’t matter.

Around 30 drivers turned up, with only about three leaving early (pessimists!). Classes raced were 1/8th Nitros, 1/8th Electric, 1/10th 2wd/4wd Electric Buggies, and 1/10th Electric SCT‘s. With a friendly atmosphere, close racing, and the weather in our favour, we managed 4 Rounds of Qualifying Heats plus Finals – a full Meeting.

My message to those who thought we were going to be rained off and didn’t turn up is simple. The weather may be bad elsewhere but Braxted is, generally, much drier with its own micro-climate so never assume. It never rains there – only sometimes!

2013.06.22 The Track
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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