EoE Off-Road Regional Round 5

Sunday, 7th July
Broadfield Fruit Farm, Braxted Park Road, Near Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0QB

MERCC is looking forward to welcoming drivers to the Regional next Sunday, and we will do our best to ensure good weather and a good day’s racing! Many of you have raced at Braxted in the past, so we look forward to seeing ‘old’ as well as ‘new’ faces on the day. With a large entry we want to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, so would ask that drivers please comply with our requests as appropriate.

Directions to our track are on the website and access to the site will be from 7.00am. We would ask that car radios, CD players, etc. are not blaring – this will also apply throughout the duration of the Race Meeting. MERCC has had a good relationship with neighbours and I am sure you will understand that we do not wish our future at Braxted to be jeopardised due to unnecessary and excessive noise. We would prefer no dogs on-site, but if this is unavoidable you must ensure that you park well away from others and that dogs are on an appropriate lead at all times to prevent them being a hazard/danger. Owners will be fully responsible for the behaviour of their dogs.

Toilets and running water are on-site, but please note that this is not regarded as drinking water. Please, therefore, bring your own liquid refreshments and also food – remember to have sufficient drinking water with you to ensure you do not become dehydrated should the weather be very warm! Please be aware that the field is uneven ground, which includes ruts, so take care when moving around – more haste, less speed (also applies to driving!!). We would ask you to park sensibly, please, and to ensure that direct access from the field entrance right down to the Race Control caravan is not obstructed in case emergency vehicles need to gain access. Please be extremely careful with any naked flames, soldering irons, barbecues, etc. to avoid fire hazards, particularly if the grass is very dry.

MERCC has always been known for running friendly Meetings, so at the same time as being competitive please put the emphasis on fun and enjoyment – no temper tantrums, verbal or physical abuse, and definitely NO SWEARING! Anyone guilty of this may well find themselves disqualified from the Meeting.

It is drivers’ responsibility to ensure that they have provided the correct information when booking their entry, particularly with regard to Personal Transponder Numbers. Failure to do this, or notify of any changes, will result in unnecessary delays on race day. If any PT numbers have changed, be sure to notify me ASAP (remembering to stipulate the Class!) by e-mailing info@mercc.org.uk Please do not leave this to the last minute! Bear in mind that Pursy RC4 PT’s will not be compatible with our system and MERCC does not provide ‘handout’ transponders. Anyone without a compatible PT will have to be counted manually if possible.

The aim will be for 4 rounds of Qualifying Heats (Round-by-Round), with 3-leg Finals for 2wd and 4wd Buggies and 1-leg Finals for SCTs. All races will be of 5 minutes duration, with 2 minutes between Heats and 3 minutes between Rounds, so drivers must ensure that they are ready to race and ready to marshall. Drivers must ensure that they have appointed a suitable, competent substitute (who must be a current BRCA Member) should there be any reason why they cannot marshall – failure to marshall or late arrival at marshalling points will incur loss of fastest time. It should also be pointed out that Marshalls will be required to wear jackets provided, and only Drivers and Marshalls are permitted within the confines of the track area. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ATTEND THE RACE BRIEFING!

The timing format we will be aiming for at the beginning of the day is as follows:

Access to field: from 7.00 am
Booking-In: until 8.15 am only
SCT Practice: 7.30 – 7.40 am
2wd Practice: 7.40 – 8.00 am
4wd Practice: 8.00 am – 8.20 am
Briefing: 8.25 am
Racing Starts: ASAP

On race day my mobile will be on (0794 1157 226), but I would ask you please only to contact me if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. If you have any queries, please e-mail info@mercc.org.uk and check the MERCC website and Facebook for any updated information. On behalf of the Committee and Members of Mid-Essex Radio Car Club I look forward to seeing you next Sunday and to a successful, and enjoyable, day’s racing for all.
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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