EoE Regional Round 5 Results

2013.07.07 EoE Regional Results

With the promise of dry, sunny, and very warm weather plus a large entry, we all looked forward to a good days racing. The track and site had been well-prepared by willing volunteers the previous day, with a brilliant clockwise-running track design by MERCC member David Brazington and which utilised all three Astroturf features (Camel-Humps, Bomb-Hole, and Table-Top).

The atmosphere all day was competitive, but friendly. Yes, we had a couple of ‘issues’ but this didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the Meeting and, judging from the comments received, the majority of drivers were very happy with the day. Referees Colin Parsfield (EoE BRCA Rep’) and Trevor Brown did a splendid job keeping things under control on the rostrum, as evidenced by the issuing of only one (fully-justified) 1-lap penalty all day. No technical problems, and cooperation from drivers throughout the Meeting, meant a reasonable finish time of around 5.15pm. After the track was cleared the Regional trophies were presented by Alan Gibbs, including FTQ and Top Junior trophies donated by MERCC.

2013.07.07 The Track
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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