Off Road Series Round 4 Results

2013.07.14 Off Road Series Round 4 Results

Another dry, sweltering day! As there had been no rain during the week since the Regional there had been little grass growth, and the worn areas were rock-hard and dusty! The track-laying volunteers laid out a great design, with the intention of running anti-clockwise. The astro-turf features were included, but the concrete jump was omitted. Five classes were raced, with the SCT’s running with the 4wd Buggies and the 1/8th Electrics running in their own heat.

Practice went OK, but after 2 Rounds several drivers claimed that it was impossible to negotiate the Camel-Humps without coming to grief /damaging their car! Mick Spindley, and a few others, proved that it was possible to get over the humps in one foul swoop with confidence. The moral? Either make one jump or go slowly! Anyway, to keep everybody happy it was agreed to run Rounds 3 and 4 and Finals in a clockwise direction! The 1/8th Electrics were combined with the Nitros, and the SCT’s with the 4wd Buggies as in the heats.

As it was extremely hot after the Finals it was decided not to run Marshal-Less Finals, but rather give everyone the opportunity to get home to cool off before the traffic built up. The drivers with the biggest smiles on their faces at the trophy presentation were Mick Spindley and Lee Hedges, both having a good day.
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC

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