Sadly, we have now reached the end of an era as far as MERCC is concerned. It was agreed at the AGM in January 2016 that if we failed to obtain a new venue by the end of the year we would have no option but to wind up the club. I regret to say that, in spite of continued searching, no new venue has been forthcoming. At the recent (last) AGM in February the closure of the club was agreed by members as being the only course of action to be taken and, accordingly, we now have to dispose of the assets. It was unanimously agreed that all monies held by the club once all items of equipment had been sold off are to be donated to charity, the charity or charities to be decided.

Much water has run under the bridge in the 32 years that the club has been in existence, and a large number of people will have happy memories. On behalf of MERCC, I should like to thank all those members and non-members who have given the club a great deal of support over the years and had enabled it to survive. Unfortunately, the club was dealt a very severe blow when it was evicted from the Braxted site, from which it was unable to recover.

I would like to wish you all the very best for the future, and know that former members will give their support to neighbouring clubs with whom MERCC has always enjoyed a good relationship.

Any messages from now on will be via the MERCC Facebook Page. Details of items to be sold off will also appear on Facebook. Existing MERCC domains will expire however the website will still be left online and can be reached via

Thank you all once again – enjoy your racing!

Best wishes and kind regards,

Keith Wright

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