Rules & Information

All drivers should read the following carefully and take note!

From 8.30am, closing at 9.15am. Previously some drivers have regularly arrived late and, as a result, time has been wasted rearranging Heats etc. Drivers arriving after 9.15am will not be admitted to the meeting, unless they have previously asked to be booked in, have provided their details, and given notification of their anticipated late arrival. Once heats have been created, they will not be changed without very good reason. 

Please note that if a driver asking to be booked in does not attend, without having the courtesy to give notification, they will not be allowed to pre-book for subsequent meetings. 

Start Time:
A.S.A.P. after Booking-In has closed. 

Track Layout and Clearing Up
Club Members are expected to set an example and help with:

(a) The laying out of the ropes, etc. when the track is being designed
(b) The removal of the ropes, etc. at the end of the Meeting. 

Non-Members are very welcome to assist if they wish, and this has always been appreciated. Input regarding track design from all persons helping to set out the ropes is always invited, but once the design has been agreed and finalised it will not be changed unless absolutely necessary.

Persons who have not helped to set out the ropes will not be permitted to comment on track design nor be allowed to change the design. 

Drivers’ Briefing:
All drivers must attend the Briefing, immediately in front of Race Control. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the Meeting. 

Race Numbers for Heats
These will be handed out after the Drivers Briefing. It is therefore Drivers’ responsibility to ensure that they have checked the Heat Listings as soon as this has been announced. 

As a courtesy, Drivers should ensure that MERCC is informed of any changes following the first Meeting they attend. The Club can then maintain an up-to-date database, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of time at Meetings. 

Drivers must be at their appropriate Marshal Point before the race they are marshalling starts. Failure to marshal, or to provide a competent substitute will result in loss of the Driver’s fastest time. Note that only current BRCA members will be allowed within the confines of the track area. 

The Club has always had a reputation for the friendliness of its meetings and does not wish this to be tarnished by bad behaviour (e.g. verbal/physical abuse, swearing, etc.). Anyone guilty of this may find themselves excluded from the Meeting and banned from subsequent Meetings. 

The Lap-Counting system caters for Personal Transponders, using the Mylaps RC3 Decoder and RC-Timing Programme. Please note that Mylaps ‘Pursee’ RC4 transponders will not be compatible with this system! The Club does not provide transponders, so any driver not having a compatible Personal Transponder will have to be counted manually. Drivers must keep the Club updated with any Personal Transponder changes.

Racing Extra Car(s):
In fairness to all, drivers may only be allowed to race more than 1 car if they have made appropriate arrangements to provide a competent substitute (who must be a current BRCA Member) to marshal for them. Failure to do so will result in the extra car(s) being withdrawn and this policy will be strictly enforced. 

Young Drivers (Under 16’s)
Care and supervision of persons less than 16 years of age is the responsibility of their Parent/Guardian, who must be present for the duration of the Race Meeting. 

Drivers will be bound by the above instructions and any other instructions given at the Briefing!

Please note that all drivers must produce their 2013 BRCA licence at their first Braxted race meeting or they will not be permitted to race! Beginners can race for a maximum of three meetings only without a licence. 

The above information can be downloaded in pdf format:

Happy Racing!
Keith Wright
Chairman, MERCC